Greeting from the BIG APPLE ❤

Donald Edwards, Boris Kozlov, YuYing Hsu, Donny McCaslin & Alex Sipiagin
November 19th, 2012 @ Systems Two
© MengLing Hsieh Photography

Hello everyone,

A Happy Belated Thanksgiving to you all. Hope you all enjoyed a big turkey dinner and are spending time with great friends and family for the weekend.

I’ve been in NYC for 2 weeks now, having a fabulous time here. It has been almost 3 years since I left and moved back to Taiwan, time really flies.. The weather is perfect everyday and good things happen almost all the time. Life is good and I’m truly thankful.

And I am so excited to share this great news here with you all. I’ve just recorded my quintet album this past Monday at Systems Two (great, great studio with the best engineer Mike Marciano) with great, great musicians: Alex (Sasha) Sipiagin on trumpet, Donny McCaslin on tenor saxophone, Boris Kozlov on bass & Donald Edwards on drums. And I myself play on piano & Rhodes here and there  :p
It was such an amazing experience for me and I had such a wonderful time. I sure learned so much from their beautiful playing, it’s just pure magic and non-stop inspirations.

And two days ago I went into Bass Hit Recording to mix the tracks with the best engineer Dave Darlington (again, the best!) and I really can’t wait to have it finished and share it with you all soon. This album again includes all my compositions, mostly new compositions from the past 3 years. There are D&B grooves, funky rhythms, and some slower tempo ballad numbers. My inspirations on these tunes came from some of the places I visited recently, such as the Red Light District in Amsterdam (went there last summer), and a Hong Kong trip I took with my friends Teri & Ko earlier this year. There’s also a new tune I wrote after my friend Esley showed me a photo he took in Jökulsárlón during his visit to Iceland back in the summer. So I guess some of the tunes on this new album are about memories at some places. There are also some other tunes I composed with one of my favorite pianists Thelonious Monk in my mind.

I hope you all have a wonderful day. And hope to share my music with you very soon.


Rhodes & piano setting
The best recording engineer Mike Marciano in action !!
November 19th, 2012 @ Systems Two

Mixing with the greatest sound engineer Dave Darlington.
November 23rd, 2012 @ Bass Hit Recording