..even time takes its time....

so... i guess... i just can't fall asleep right now..
i've been trying for the past 2.4679 hours..
i was simply lying down, but random thoughts, people's faces, words kept appearing..
i can't do anything but let it happen..
a very passive role i am playing, but what else can i do?

this is one of the random words..
so i was playing this salsa gig the other night and stayed hanging out for a while..
the band after us was a quite interesting band.. a bassist leader.
he sings and does spoken words too..
some words from his lyrics just got me even though i forgot about the context:
"......., even time takes its time....."

will time ever take its time?
...........for anything?

i've been thinking ..
those words struck me the same way if i were hit by a stone..

time.... what is time?
from what i know, the increasing number of my age tells me about time..
not so much mornings, noons and then evenings, coz they just keep returning..
not so much the increasing number of the year, coz i don't know what's the ultimate number it's reaching..
year 1982 or year 3013, is it different if you were just to observe the earth from the moon with a telescope?
but there seems to be an ultimate number for human beings' age, a moment life finishes..
and we all know it's approaching.. with time...

doesn't time suppose to be a one-way movement?
why do we human beings suffer from having the power of remembering what had happened in the past and then being able to bring it back in our mind again and again?

if the picture of the memory is so strong and clear and unbreakable,
can time really heal anything?

under what circumstances will time even takes its time......?