Sigur Rós

I remember the days of listening to Sigur Rós....

It was around 2003-04?! maybe.. The music was introduced to me by a friend back in Taiwan.. The moment I heard it, I was speechless.. It was too strong and made a great impact on me. I had no idea where the band members are from (as a mater of fact, I justgoogled them now for the first time to know a littlebit more about them...) andno idea what the lyrics are about.. The music itself completely took me into a whole new world.... A dark one though.. Those days, I would buy myself tons of beers and just sit in my room with dim candle light.. Drinking, thinking, recalling things and always ended up crying...

Today, I listened to those two albums again.. Still this dark, gloomy feeling.. But I found myself...smiling....

I really, really love these two albums.. Especially the "Untitled 1" on (). The artificial language... What a genius..

[Album 1: Ágætis Byrjun ]
[Album 2: () ]