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台灣出身的爵士鋼琴家、作曲家。從小受到古典音樂熏陶, 於 2009 年底取得美國紐約州立大學帕切斯學院爵士鋼琴演奏碩士學位, 並於 2010 年初返台定居。曾與多位著名爵士音樂家如小號手 Alex Sipiagin, Michael Philip Mossman, 以及薩克斯風手 Antonio Hart 等同台演出, 今年 (2012) 四月份時也擔任來自奧地利的國際知名小提琴家 Benjamin Schmid 台北中山堂爵士音樂會的鋼琴手。2010 年底發行個人首張爵士創作專輯【Untitled】並榮獲 2011 年第二屆金音創作獎【最佳爵士專輯獎】及【最佳爵士單曲獎】。現為全職鋼琴演奏家、絲竹空青年團講師。將於今年 (2012) 兩廳院夏日爵士派對節慶樂團 (Jazz All Star) 擔任鋼琴手一職, 屆時多位台灣爵士好手們將於國家音樂廳與年高 76, 曾為爵士巨匠 John Coltrane 搭檔的爵士鼓傳奇人物 Albert "Tootie" Heath, 以及作曲大師、拉丁爵士小號手 Michael Philip Mossman 和葛萊美獎提名薩克斯風手 Antonio Hart 一起同台飆樂。

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last updated 6.21.2012


YuYing Hsu is a award-winning Taiwanese jazz pianist and composer who has performed in legendary jazz clubs such as Birdland, Sweet Rhythm and with renowned musicians such as Alex Sipiagin, Michael Philip Mossman, Antonio Hart and the complete violinist Benjamin Schmid.

Her debut album “Untitled,” won two Golden Indie Music Awards 2011 for Best Jazz Album and Best Jazz Single. The prestigious award is Taiwan’s version of the Grammy. 

YuYing has a Master of Music degree from Purchase College, State University of New York and studied with piano masters such as Gerard D'Angelo, Hal Galper, Arturo O'Farrill and Sam Yahel.

In 2010, YuYing returned to Taiwan and has since been invited to perform in major music festivals such as Shanghai Jazz Festival, Taichung Jazz Festival, Summer Jazz Party held by National Theater Concert Hall, Rock'N Jazz of the Young World and Simple Life. She has also held her own concerts and performed at various jazz venues around Taiwan.

This year (2012), YuYing has performed with world-renowned violinist Benjamin Schmid at Taipei ZhongShen Hall (April), as well as with trumpet virtuoso Alex Sipiagin (June). She has also toured with Teriver Cheung Trio in Taiwan, China and Hong Kong (May). In July, YuYing will be playing with P. Mauriat endorser, saxophonist Adam Larson at a Taipei local jazz club - Sappho de Base. YuYing will also be the pianist for 2012 NTCH Jazz All Star Project. This project will give a concert on September 1st at the National Concert Hall, which will bring together Taiwanese jazz musicians under the leadership of legendary jazz drummer Albert "Tootie" Heath, as well as Michael Philip Mossman and Antonio Hart in a 14-piece ensemble. For more performance updates, visit: YuYingHsu.blogspot.com
An avid listener of jazz music, YuYing seeks to fuse improvisation with her own life experience. She takes inspirations and thoughts of her travels and her love of Francis Bacon’s art and turns them into musical notes that bounce off the pages, as heard in her original, award-winning piece Twisted One. Through her music, YuYing hopes to share her emotion, passion and love of life with listeners around the world, once performance at a time.

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