January 2013 gigs ❤

Hi Everyone -

Hope the NEW year 2013 is treating you all very well so far  :)
I'm really happy to share with you my January schedule here and hope to see you at some gigs!
Lately I've started to work on some guitar + piano duo stuff with this wonderful guitar player Ying-Da Chen, and I'm very excited to see what we will/ what we can develop musically in the near future. We, this whole new duo "group," will be playing our first gig at the end of this month 1/30 at Marsalis Home Taipei. Hope to see you there!



1.14 Monday
2013 魯千千打擊樂獨奏會 |對白| 
19:30 @新舞台 (台北市松壽路 3 號)



1.15 Tuesday
林偉中 TRIO
21:30 @Sappho de BASE

1.18 Friday
謝明諺 4tet
22:30 @Sappho de BASE

1.24 Thursday
E Zzy
19:30 @師大綜合大樓

1.25 Friday
爵士鋼琴 | 許郁瑛 + 小提琴 | 蘇子茵
12:30 - 13:20 @台新銀行午間音樂會

[免費活動, 歡迎踴躍參加]

1.30 Wednesday
YuYing Hsu (piano) + Ying-Da Chen (guitar) DUO
21:00 @Marsalis Home Taipei 

Hope to see you !!!